The lost fragments

Psychonaut! Do we ever have a surprise in store for you! This is... something else. Something the like of which you've never ever seen: a collection of songs fallen between the cracks, fragments of a bigger whole - an artefact from a could-have-been alternate timeline in the psychoverse where the power of the song rules supreme and the single still is king! Ladies and gentlemen, we present the release that almost never was ...

Motorpsycho. Written, arranged, played, produced, dreamt up and instigated by yours truly. We’ll even pack, stamp and ship the fuckers personally too! Torgeir and the folks at Crispin Glover Records are helping out, but for all intents and purposes, this is total local DIY!

Four 7” singles and a CD housed in custom made sleeves - made and printed by Drid Machine. These sleeves will eventually make up the pages of a book. The custom-made artwork is by italian artist Thomas Raimondi.

This music didn’t fit anywhere, and instead of ‘forcing’ the songs together and presenting them on a 12” LP as an album, they are instead presented as A and AA sides of four 7” singles. This serves the music better. It is also a fun project and the ultimate birthday gift from MP to themselves, but it will also ultimately become the ultimate Motorpsychodelic artefact: as this will never be made available in neither shops nor online, once the deadline is reached you will not be able to buy this anywhere. This is also why we’re rationing these: no hoarders or ‘collectors' should be able to make a quick buck off of this destined-to-be-rare book.

Easy: by pre-ordering the whole shebang! After the deadline we will count the number of ‘investors’ and print as many as we have orders for. No more, ever.

These four singles will then go out one by one once every 6 weeks or so starting this summer, until you all have the finished book in your hands sometime closer to x-mas. This is also why the price is relatively steep: since the book comes in four parts, postage is the main expence we have in this project. Since we are doing this ourselves we also have to cover all other costs: recording/mixing, printing of both vinyl and sleeves, artwork and design, etc, - times four! - but we hope that we’ll break even if enough of you decide to take the plunge and invest in this amazing art project.